Using Medical Marijuana for Treating Anxiety

As more states are legalizing the use of marijuana for medical reasons, more people suffering from anxiety are finding relief from their symptoms by using medical marijuana for treating anxiety. According to studies, medical marijuana works very well to treat anxiety. A few patients report that medical marijuana actually gives them anxiety, however, overall, it typically reduces the disorder.


Medical Marijuana
Medical Marijuana

For centuries medical marijuana has been used to treat a myriad of medical conditions. Today, many are finding relief without pharmaceuticals for their anxiety. Upon close inspection, the chemical balance is a precarious one. The CBD is excellent for treating anxiety, however, the THC, that can prevent nausea and vomiting in those who are having adverse effects from chemotherapy may enhance the anxiety. Thus, it’s a precarious balance at best.


The higher the levels of CBD, the better the treatment for the anxiety. Thus, patients who are seeking to treat anxiety should strive for a high CBD and a low THC balance. There are actually over 85 all natural compounds found in cannabis that are called cannabinoids or CBD. These are highly touted for relieving anxiety and other conditions that plague many.

Different strains of marijuana contain different levels of the CBD and THC. In states where the sale of marijuana is legal, these are readily listed at the dispensary so that patients can readily identify the levels and thus choose the right levels for their needs.


In addition to treating anxiety, CBD is also excellent for pain therapy. It helps to reduce inflammation and can help to alleviate pain and spasms which all work together to create anxiety and other conditions. When these are reduced, patients find relief.


The added benefit of higher levels of CBD to THC is that the CBD doesn’t cause any “high”. The THC is what causes a person to feel high so the lower levels of THC won’t be making the person feel high.


Medical marijuana comes in many forms from vaping modules to edibles and everything in between. It doesn’t always have to be smoked in fact, smoking the marijuana has quickly become a thing of the past.


Edibles will take up to two hours to activate in the body (as they have to pass through the digestive system) however, they will take effect and a patient that understands the time frame can often take their medication in time to prevent an anxiety attack. Learning to read the body’s symptoms will go far in helping them to get their medication in time.


Vaping is similar to smoking, without the smoke. The marijuana is vaporized and the vapor is what is inhaled. This prevents a lot of carcinogens from entering the body and it will take effect more quickly than ingesting an edible.


Regardless of the method chosen to take medical marijuana for treating anxiety, it’s important to find the right CBD level to reduce the anxiety and the right THC level to prevent a high or stoned feeling which you will find at The Joint Cannabis Shop in Edmonton. Medical marijuana is fast gaining popularity.

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