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The Difference Between Non-Surgical And Surgical Facelifts

Non-surgical facelifts are taking the world by storm as the number one alternative method to traditional surgical facelifts. In essence, clients all around the globe can now reap the benefits of facelifts, without having a surgical procedure. Also, non-surgical facelifts are much quicker and patients don’t need any time to recover from it at all. So read on as we dive into the differences between surgical and non-surgical facelifts.

When it comes to the traditional method of facelift surgeries, there is a huge difference when it is compared with that of non-surgical methods. This technique basically involves the surgical reconstruction of the designated area. As persons begin to age, they notice that their once firm and tight skin now begins to droop. While drooping skin cannot be 100% removed via toxins and fillers, there are new and advanced methods of facelift procedures.

While they are new, they are also very safe, they work faster and provide users with an all-natural look. Traditional surgical facelifts include lower facelifts, a full facelift, or a mid-facelift. It even offers users the option of a combination between a facelift and a neck lift.

In the case of non-surgical facelift methods, there are three main types of facial aging. These being sun damage, an excess of sagging skin, and even a loss of the volume within the face. If you didn’t already know, the non-surgical alternative aids with fixing a loss in volume and damage from the sun.

Facial fillers are also used to deal with the issue of volume that has been lost. This is done with the use of toxins which are used to paralyze the muscles while removing the wrinkles and fine lines. Frown lines and crow’s feet can also be removed with these fillers.

Fillers exist in two varieties. These being either the temporary filler also known as an adsorbable filler or the non-absorbable filler that is a permanent fix. In order to determine which is going to be used, the doctor must first determine the area that needs to be filled. Fillers are then added to these areas that have developed wrinkles and creases.

Some temporary fillers consist of hyaluronic acid which tends to occur naturally within the body. As we’ve mentioned before, certain toxins are used in an effort to paralyze the muscle. This is done to ensure that new wrinkles cannot be formed, hence leaving the muscles in a state where they cannot move to generate wrinkles.

With time, the wrinkles tend to smoothen out and new ones don’t form. These injections work very fast and take less than 30 mins to administer. The result of a non-surgical facelift lasts for a max of up to 6 months.

In order to keep up with the changing times, persons are now gravitating to the non-surgical alternative since they are less invasive and work faster. Non-surgical facelifts fill in wrinkles and lines easily without leaving any form of disfigurement. Significant research has proven that injectables stimulate the area to restore its natural beauty without the need for any harsh invasive surgery.

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